Wasps and Hornets

Wasps have slender bodies that are usually black, brown or red. Wasps are not actually seen as pests (they feed on pests), but can be very detrimental to your family and pets. When they sting you, they do not die like bees, and continue to sting more than once if aggravated or accidently disturbed by humans or animals. A wasp sting is also extremely painful, and can sometimes be fatal if a person is allergic to its venom. A wasp sting can last up to 18 hours and depending on how allergic one is to the wasp sting, it can result in hospitalisation.
Wasp nests are generally found under overhangs such as a roof or gutter – they tend to build nests in sheltered areas, similar to bees. The wasp nests differ depending on thetype of wasp that has built it. Their nests are paper maché-like and usually have a circular shape. Generally if there is one wasp nest, there’s another nearby.

Various types of wasps include the paper wasp, the mud wasp, the mud dauber wasp and the black wasp. Social wasps (wasps which build nests and colonies) are aggressive, as they tend to defend their nests more ferociously and will definitely sting anything that is seen as a threat. When a victim is stung by a swarm of wasps the effects can be extremely injurious and can result in death if not treated immediately at a hospital.

It is crucial to get a professional to remove it for you. Hornets are larger wasps that can inflict serious pain when stinging a human.