Rats and Mice

House mice are seen as pests as they carry harmful germs and bacteria such as Salmonella, which (if it comes into close contact with humans) can be very harmful and dangerous to one’s health. Mice also tend to breed very often which results in dozens of mice breeding in areas where there are humans.

Mice and rodents in general often gravitate toward human dwellings as there are always sheltered areas for them to breed in and there is always food for them to find. They will always make their nests in sheltered areas such as gaps between walls, ceilings and under furniture or appliances (behind fridges etc). Mice can also cause severe damage to the household and objects around the household area with their constant gnawing. Their teeth are extremely durable and they can therefore gnaw through anything, even wiring, cables and pipes. This in turn, costs the home owner a lot of money to repair.

Constant gnawing through wiring can also start fires in the household or other buildings. Mice are smaller than rats and can therefore sneak into a house or building very easily.

Rats are similar to mice in the way that they carry many diseases that are detrimental to human health and can also be harmful to your pets. They also carry the Salmonella bacteria, Tapeworm, Hepatitis, Eosinophilic Meningitis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) and the list goes on. All of which can easily be contracted from the rats through their droppings, urine or saliva. If rats are near areas where there is food, this will greatly increase the chance of infection of the diseases they carry.

As they feed off basically anything including our food, they can contaminate our living areas with diseases. Rodents have caused many fatal deaths by spreading the diseases that they carry. For instance, in the Middle Ages, the Black Plague which was spread by rats, resulted in the deaths of millions of Europeans. Just like mice, rats also constantly gnaw objects in order to prevent their front teeth from growing too long. Their teeth are extremely strong – they can even gnaw through cement, tarmac, bins and more! Rats also carry fleas and mites which also carry bacteria, therefore being harmful to humans. Rats can be found in various areas near or in human dwellings such as cavity walls and sub-floors as well as in the roof and furniture. Generally, if you have Ivy growing nearby, the chances are there will be rats nearby too.