Bed Bugs

Sleeping alone at night? Most probably not. Bed bugs (Cimex spp.) are parasitic insects which feed exclusively on blood. They are known as bed bugs because they are attracted to warm houses and specifically inside beds, bedding or other sleeping areas. Bed bugs are mainly active at night when humans are asleep as they are attracted to the warmth.

There are a few health effects which may result from the bite of a bed bug, e.g. allergic symptoms and skin rashes. The causes of bed bug infestations vary. They can be brought in by visiting pets that live in areas where bed bugs are prominent, or they come from other infested dwellings. Wild animals (birds, bats) also attract the bed bugs.

Bed bugs often lodge in dark crevices and lay hundreds of eggs in places such as fabric seams. One may detect if there are bed bugs in your living area by looking out for bites on your body (faecal spots) as well as looking on beds and sheets for small blood smears.